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Priory Woods School & Arts College

Priory Woods School & Arts College A Special Place to Learn

Study Support and Extended Schools Policy

“Study support is learning activity outside normal lessons which young people take part in voluntarily. Study support is accordingly, an inclusive term, embracing many activities – with many names and many guises. Its purpose is to improve young people’s motivation, build their self-esteem and help them become more effective learners. Above all it aims to raise achievement.”

(Extending Opportunity: a national framework for study support, DfEE 1998, Study Support – A national framework for extending learning opportunities DfES 2006 )

Education Extra identifies three main types of study support activity as:

  • ‘enabling’  activities which set out to reinforce basic and core skills of literacy, numeracy, ICT  and other more ‘personal’ life skills
  • ‘extending’ activities which build upon learning and experiences in the classroom and extend curriculum areas (eg, homework clubs, drama, music, sport)
  • ‘enrichment’ activities which promote learning in any number of areas which are not covered by the curriculum (eg, fishing, orienteering, circus skills)

An Extended School is a school which recognises that it cannot work alone.” 

(DfES 2004)


  • To contribute to meeting the outcomes of Every Child Matters
  • To promote personal development and in particular self confidence and self esteem
  • To widen pupil’s experiences and provide new opportunities for learning
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to experience success and to raise achievement
  • To promote positive behaviour and the development of relationships between pupils, staff and other adults
  • To provide opportunities to acquire and practise life skills
  • To promote independence and a sense of responsibility
  • To promote the skills needed to be successful learners.
  • To provide activities which meet the ‘Core Offer’ for Extended Schools.
  • To promote community links with partner schools for sport and arts activities.


  • To ensure equality of opportunity for all pupils regardless of ability, gender or race
  • To provide a range of ‘enabling’, ‘extending’ and ‘enrichment’ opportunities throughout the school
  • To develop a differentiated programme of opportunities and activities that reflect the changing needs and maturation of the pupils attending Priory Woods
  • To encourage staff and parents to support and become involved in Study Support and Extended Education activities
  • To pursue partnerships with other schools and the community through our Specialist Status.



  • Hydrotherapy – Complex & PMLD
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Lower School Sports Club
  • Environmental Outings - Half a Day
  • Class & KS Outings -  Full Day
  • Arts and c
  • Make It Club
  • Summer Play Scheme
  • Trampoline Club



  • Youth Club
  • Art Club
  • Football club
  • Country Dancing Club                                                                               
  • Cook It Clubs
  • Hydrotherapy- Complex & PMLD
  • Environmental Outings - Half a Day
  • Class & KS and curriculum outings -  Full Day
  • Residential Holidays
  • Summer Playscheme
  • Use of Gymworld coaches and facilities



  • Range of clubs as Upper School
  • College – Access Courses
  • Leisure Centres – Life & Leisure Skills
  • Other Educational Establishments – Vocational
  • Cook It
  • Summer School
  • Residential Holidays



  • Hexham Dance Festival
  • Theatre visits/ in school residencies
  • Erasmus project events.


  • Water Babies use our pool.
  • Stephen Knox centre uses our pool.
  • Family Learning, e.g. ‘Stay and Play’
  • Provision of arts activities to and with partner schools
  • We are a placement for local schools (including Special schools), and students from various universities.



  • All pupils who are out of school for activities during school hours can take emergency medication that is normally kept in school. Staff supporting the students will be aware of the protocols regarding this medication.
  • On day visits, staff will take the school supply of medication for pupils who require this and would normally have it administered by the nurse whilst in school.
  • For out of school hours extended activities which take place within school premises, parents are required to send emergency medication as the nurse is not on the premises to access medication kept in school. For out of normal school hours extended schools activities off the school premises, medication again must be sent in by parents. Failure to do so will mean that the young person cannot attend the activity.