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Year 7 Catch-Up Funding Impact Statements

Below is the most recent Impact Statement.  You can find downloads for previous years at the foot of this page.

Year 7 Catch - Up Funding Impact Statement 2018 - 2019

The Year 7 Catch Up Funding is a government initiative that provides additional funding designed to target resources on those students who have not achieved level 4 or above in Reading and/or Maths. It is estimated that the Department for Education (DfE) provides us with an additional £500 per student so that we can deliver extra support to help these students to “catch up.”

In 2018 – 2019 we received £5500

Details of how Priory Woods School used this funding to support these students and increase their successes are outlined below




Purchased a year’s subscription for Literacy Planet.

Software will be used within students Literacy sessions and they will be encouraged to use it in spare times. This will be developed to home use with parent support set up.

7 students accessed the software both in school and at home. Each student made between 2 – 4 levels of progress of the academic year.

3 x IPads purchased to support students with their communication with specialized apps installed.

Students will use IPads and app to support their communication and learning within lessons.

3 students have successfully used the IPads to take an active role in their lessons alongside their peers.

Floor robots purchased to develop students numeracy skills in relation to problem solving and direction.

Students will use the floor robots and develop their ability to work in a team and develop their numeracy and coding skills.

4 students have made good progress in their ability to program the floor robots to solve given problems.

Problem solving books purchased to develop students in formal curriculum strand.


Staff will use ideas to encourage and develop the student’s abilities to solve problems collectively or individually.

Students have taken part in problem solving days with ideas taken from the books.

Books have also supported the students following a semi-formal curriculum in developing their ability to solve problems.