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Full Return Date

Dear families,

You will no doubt be aware that Mr. Johnson set out his road map yesterday and all schools are to return fully on 8th March. Needless to say, we are looking forward to having everyone together again. 

On return, we will be running in much the same way as we were before Christmas; that seems like a lifetime ago! We will restore the bubbles we had then so everything will feel familiar.

As we did in September, our focus will be on our recovery curriculum, looking to see where our pupils are emotionally, physically and academically, but first and foremost, emotionally. We know this has been such a difficult time, so we need to ensure we have all the building blocks in place before we begin to move on. In fact, we will be focusing on where our pupils are at and using this to decide where we go next, not to 'catch up' but to take each pupil onto the next step that is right for them.

You will all be having your usual phone calls this week so please use this time to talk about any concerns you may have. We understand there may be nervousness about coming back as well as excitement. Please let us know how we can support you and your child if you have specific worries. 

I will keep you informed of any other issues as we get more information.

Kind regards