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Primary PE and Sports Premium


The PE and Sports Premium vision is for all pupils leaving primary school to be physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

  • Sports Premium £16000
  • 69 pupils at £10 each
  • Total allocation £16690


How money will be spent under each Key Indicator


Targeted pupils



The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity


Increased knowledge and confidence of staff


Tree Tops sensory integration therapists


Mighty Warriors Yoga


















Pupils with PMLD and Complex needs

Tree Tops have continued to work throughout Lower School to produce sensory profiles, sensory diet and daily motor programs.  Therapists have given teachers whole class morning routine and demonstration lessons. Changes in pupil’s behaviour have been noted throughout the school day including lessons, playtimes and lunch times.

Tree Tops continued to work through lockdown to provide parents with support through telephone conversations and provided sensory programmes which can be carried out with equipment in the home.


Yoga through familiar stories is an enjoyable and therefore motivating way to perform physio stretches and movement with pupils out of their chairs.

During lockdown Mighty Warriors produced personalised videos for students to access at home and in school bubbles.


Staff have worked 1-1 with Tree Tops therapists to implement plans, which will be passed on and used in their new classes.










Staff have been upskilled and can now use yoga moves to deliver physiotherapy to students.

They will work with other staff to show them how to use the yoga stories.

Increased participation in competitive sports and working with other schools


Inclusive Virtual Sports Competitions and Boccia League


Middlesbrough Council Sports Ability




SLD Pupils







Children’s confidence and skills have improved from taking part in the competitions. It allowed them to still access competitions while being in ‘bubbles’. Students are proud of their achievements and their competition kits.




Competitive Sports are embedded in our school culture and are always celebrated by the whole school.


Maintained links by taking part in online competitions that can now be developed by in person attendance at competitive events.

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils


Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity


Qualified coaches to enhance opportunities



Mighty Warriors Yoga

Team Games


Mighty Warriors Yoga











What a Racquet Gymnastics





What a Racquet team games




All students with SLD





















KS1 pupils


Children from Reception to Year 6 have taken part in weekly Yoga sessions. The impact has been in the following areas – social, emotional, physical, behavioural and PSHE. All students have made between 1 and 4 progress points.

Staff have reported children have settled well into the familiar routine and making yoga positions with greater ease and some even independently!


Mighty Warriors made videos tailored to each class and their topics that could be used in school and at home during lockdowns.


Pupils in years 4-6 have worked towards their Gymnastics Level 1 and Level 2 awards. This has given them a sense of achievement as they continue to develop new skills and has supported the development of pupils’ motor skills.


Team sports have continued to be very successful. It develops the pupils’ ability to share and work together and significant improvements in their team work skills continue to be seen. Several students who found it difficult to stay in the lessons are now taking part for longer periods of the session.


Staff have been upskilled through attending Yoga sessions and now use ideas from sessions in their own lessons.

Parents can now also use the videos to engage their children in these familiar routines at home.





Staff attend these sessions and use their knowledge in their own PE lessons.


Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity


New equipment for Play and Learning Outdoors (PALO)


All pupils

The extra equipment enabled all class bubbles to participate in PALO. Equipment was also purchased to enable students with PMLD and complex needs to access and fully engage with outdoor play.

PALO has improved the independence and creativity of students.

There have been less incidents of challenging behaviour outside as the students are busy, active and engaged in play.

This equipment can continue to be used to enhance opportunities for all students to fully engage with play and learning outdoors.