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Priory Woods School & Arts College

Priory Woods School & Arts College A Special Place to Learn


At Priory Woods this curriculum area will be delivered in a secure, supportive and stimulating environment where the progress and needs of each individual pupil are paramount. In ICT, we want to enable all pupils to access both software and hardware that is appropriate to their level and ability and engaging as well as functional. To this end, we have written a curriculum that supports children to explore and experiment with a range of devices and build up skills that they can transfer to other areas of their learning, and ultimately, their life in the outside world. We recognise that, with developments in technology, pupils of all ability will rely on technology to communicate, from communication aids to social media, and we want to develop their independence in this area as well as teach them to communicate appropriately and responsibly.

E-safety forms a large part of our curriculum and we want to teach our students to use the internet and other resources responsibly and safely. We teach regular sessions on e-safety and we provide parents with information and opportunities for discussion around this topic so that our approach is consistent in school and at home.

Opportunities for using ICT at Priory Woods are embedded in all areas of the curriculum and we’re lucky to have a good range of resources to support children’s learning. Switches, touch screens and eye-gaze equipment can be found all round school and iPads, cameras, recording equipment and microphones are used throughout the curriculum on a daily basis.