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Personal, Social, Health and Wellbeing

At Priory Woods the Personal, Social, Health and Wellbeing curriculum encompasses PSHE and PE. The purpose of this area of the curriculum is to help young people develop as individuals in a wider society.  Young people learn to understand themselves physically, emotionally, socially, economically and sexually and to understand their relationships with others. They develop self esteem and become competent and confident citizens who take part in a wide range of activities in and out of school. Through active learning opportunities young people recognise and manage risk, take increasing responsibility for themselves, their choices and behaviours and make positive contributions to their families, schools and communities.

PSHE is delivered through EQUALS lessons, circle time, therapies and cross curricular topics. Lessons should encourage pupils to develop a positive self image, become able to recognise and deal with different emotions and develop skills such as sharing and turn taking.

PE lessons include Gymnastics, Jabadeo, Sherboune Developmental  Movement, Dance, Team Games, Ball Skills, Athletics, Swimming, Competitive Sports, Rebound Therapy and Physiotherapy

This document is not considered to be a definitive resource, as resources, teaching techniques, research and technology will continue to influence how and what we teach.

Please see the document at the foot of the page for further details.