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Upper School

PSHE is a core area of learning in the Challenge curriculum at Priory Woods.  Students following the Challenge pathway have access to a discrete timetabled PSHE lesson, including RSE and careers education.  The Challenge curriculum follows a structured curriculum which supports and encourages our students to develop life and independence skills, including looking after themselves and those around them, how to access help and support and keeping themselves safe. Our curriculum also includes recognising what a healthy relationship is and how bodies and emotions change at different times of our lives. Challenge learners in upper school will be working within the development, enrichment and enhancement stages of our PSHE curriculum.



Post 16

PSHE is not a mandatory requirement in our post 16 provision.  However, it is taught regularly as we believe it is very important for our students in post 16.  In post 16, PSHE and RSE are taught by need not by ability.

We aim to equip students to become as independent as possible and to see themselves as part of a variety of communities. Our students will learn to take personal responsibility for themselves, as well as to be aware of other people’s rights, needs and responsibilities. They will understand actions have reactions which can affect themselves and others. We hope that they will develop better understanding of responsibilities and know when to self-advocate. We will work to instil a strong belief in who they are as well as a sensitivity to respect the identities of others. Students will be provided with opportunities to reflect on scenarios and to negotiate ways forward, considering the views and feelings of others by reflecting upon moral, social and cultural issues.



In Post 16, our RSE focuses on the different types of relationships we have, appropriate behaviour, making choices and staying safe. We emphasise that our bodies are our own and that we always have a choice to say no to anything we don’t want. ARCH education also supports some of our more able learners with the delivery of some elements of the RSE curriculum.  ARCH education delivers sessions on: gender, consent, impact of sexual violence, sexualisation and pornography and social media.