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Food Exploration

The Smeds and the Smoos

‘Welcome to the curious and wonderful world of ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’. Buckle up and enjoy soaring into space with our delightful Alien Friends, Bill the Smoo and Janet the Smed! 


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The Smeds and the Smoos are two ‘rival’ Aliens who famously do not get along with each other. Will a new and unlikely friendship finally change all this? 

As we read through the story, please feel free to perhaps pause and explore a range of different food textures and colours to awaken our senses. What can you feel, touch, hear, smell or see? 

• The Smeds- ‘Pink milk’- 

Mix a little strawberry Nesquick powder to some milk. 


•The Smoos- ‘Green Stew’-

 Steam some broccoli and spinach and give it a  mash. 


•Wurpular Wood- ‘Juicy and jellyfull fruit’- 

Slice up an apple or pear. Spoon on some chocolate spread and create funny alien eyes and mouths with either some blueberries, raspberries or even goggly icing eyes! 


• Planet Vumjum- ‘A dry dusty place’

Sprinkle some dry porridge oats into a bowl. 


• Planet Lurglestrop- ‘Covered in roses’. 

Create a flower with some big pink and white marshmallows. The central head of the flower could be some colourful smarties. 


• Planet Glurch- ‘Slime’

Boil some spaghetti and add a little green food colouring!